Central Museum: Tour Peruvian art from the BCRP collection

  • August 5, 2021
  • admin

The Central Museum (MUCEN), of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) presents during these National Holidays the exhibition “Nation, imagine Peru from MUCEN” and invites the public to visit its exhibits in two shifts: morning and afternoon. Reservations can be made by writing to the email

The exhibition is located in the MUCEN Temporary Exhibition Hall and brings together various works of Peruvian art from the collections of the BCRP, in order to tell stories from the past to imagine the future.

The exhibition is the main element of the Nación Project and has three central axes: Represented Peru, Diverse Peru and Imagining Peru. A study that starts precisely from the objects that are testimony of a time, place and a certain community or of a personal feeling.

For this, MUCEN invited an interdisciplinary team of five curators, made up of archaeologist Hugo Ikehara, historian Carlos Contreras, and art historians María Eugenia Yllia, Gabriela Germaná and Ricardo Kusunoki, who from their specialties navigated among the extensive collections of the MUCEN and selected objects that bring us closer to understanding the complexity of the Peruvian nation.

In this way, it is proposed that the works of art and their stories invite us to think about what Peru we want to build, giving prominence to personal exploration. Likewise, a creation space is offered, where there will be invitations to propose new proposals and designs that will be part of the “Nation” exhibition.