Covid-19 security protocols

In accordance with the Peruvian government restrictions RM-112 (8.6.11, 8.7.1, 8.7.2), 113 (8.3) and RM-448, Parwa Travel informs you about the restrictions and standards implemented in order to ensure that the safety of our clients and comply with the Covid-19 health security protocol.

You will find the measurements below:

Use the mask correctly.

Respect the distribution of jobs at all times.

Greet by making eye contact, respecting a distance of at least one (01) meter.

Use digital means to inform and advise the client, as well as for the issuance of documentation and payment vouchers.

Consult and register preexistence and risk factors related to COVID-19 of passengers.

Inform clients about the third party protocols programmed in the tourist services that they will take.

Disinfect all material (informational, promotional) or devices (POS, Tablet, others) used during customer service.

Use sanitized bags to place any document or object that is delivered to the client.

Ensure the availability of disinfectant solution during customer service.